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Getting a Healthy Start:  Kids and Chiropractic

(from our quarterly newsletter The Wellness Warrior) 


Miss Hannah Callahan during an adjustment

     When someone mentions having a baby adjusted, many people stop short, a look of skepticism on their face.  "Why would you want to have a child adjusted!?!?!  Kids are young and don't have the issues adults do;  how could an adjustment possibly help them?"  At first glance, this may seem true.  Why would a child need an adjustment?

     There are actually many reasons, a few which begin right at childbirth.  Natural childbirth involves a lot of compression, traction, rotation, and extension that can affect a baby's spine, especially the neck.  When asked about adjusting babies, Dr Jon replied, "In my opinion, it is critical to have your kids at least checked for misalignment and/or subluxation.  Just think of their whole body fitting through the small birth canal.  That in itself can be traumatic.  And that's with no complications."  Among other things, some have even pointed to subluxations in the neck as a cause of colic in these little ones.  Many colicky babies have been helped greatly by getting regular chiropractic adjustments.  These adjustments are very gentle but very effective. (please click on the link at the bottom of this page to see Sara, at the age of 3 days old, get her first adjustment)

     Small children have just as much reason for being adjusted.  Have you ever seen a child learn how to walk?  What about some of the tumbles and bumps that kids have?  If pressure equivalent to a dime is enough to cause nerve interference, what effect do you think these bumps and tumbles might have on their nervous system?  Do you have a child that is a bed wetter?  An asthmatic?  Do you have a child with chronic ear infections?  Chiropractic has been shown to give relief with all of these conditions.

     The wonderful thing is how kids respond to treatment.  "Children in general respond more quickly and beautifully to chiropractic care than adults as a whole," says Dr Jon.  Their bodies are newer and have the ability to heal more efficiently than an adult's.

Lily has been receiving adjustments since she was 8 days old.

     As a whole, chiropractic adjustments have a profound affect on the immune system.  Our doctors understand this.  To quote Dr Jon: "An adjustment may have a dramatic effect on the immune system which can help kids get over illness more quickly and prevent chronic problems."  Giving your child chiropractic care may be one of the best gifts that you can give them and it is one that will give them a lifetime of benefits!

Sara's First Adjustment


Click on the link below to witness our patient Sara, at 3 days old, begin her journey with chiropractic: